Gabriele Kessler: The Accidental Butcher

Bavarian Meats Store Manager Gabrielle aka Gabby

Gabriele “Gabby” Kessler, a longtime fixture behind the counter at Bavarian Meats, never set out to be a butcher. A bit ironic, given that she recently stepped up to replace Anna, the store’s previous manager, who moved back to Austria. “It was an accident,” she proclaims. But judging from the pleasant banter she trades with her staff and the upbeat attitude permeating the store, it was a happy one. So how did this accident occur? Continue reading “Gabriele Kessler: The Accidental Butcher”

Scrumptious Smoked Sausage Camp Stew!

BackpackingBackpacking is one of the great joys of life here in the Pacific Northwest. But cooking out of a backpack isn’t always one of them. Having resolved to eat as little food from a vacuum-sealed pouch as humanly possible, I’m constantly on the lookout for delicious one-pot recipes based on ingredients that don’t spoil after a couple days of hiking in and sleeping out. Continue reading “Scrumptious Smoked Sausage Camp Stew!”