Bavarian Meats Ham: Hoggin’ the Sweet Spot


We’ve been hamming it up down here on Western. Our classic bone in baking hams have long had a faithful following–generations of Seattleites have grown up on this seasonal holiday specialty.

So, in order to bring that flavor profile to the table year round, we’ve been giving some love to our classic boneless ham, which we’ve now affectionately dubbed, “The Sweetheart Ham.”  A longtime favorite enjoyed in sandwiches and casseroles, this ham has had a minor makeover and now has the same flavor profile as our holiday ham.

Averaging about 2.5 to 3 pounds each, these netted boneless hams are made with pork from Oregon’s acclaimed Carlton Farms and are great for small families and households. Made from the pork knuckle and carefully deboned by our skillful butchers in house, these hams have more fat and bigger flavor. Soaked in a cover brine for a few days, netted and lightly smoked with alder they are an artisan meat suitable for everything from a hefty Dagwood-inspired hero to a classic casserole and swoon-worthy Eggs Benedict.

Still made in small batches of only fifty pounds per week and selling for about $9.95 per pound, the hams are sold unsliced and can be found in our deli at the Pike Place Market, on sandwiches at Delicatus in the Pioneer Square and, starting in mid-November, at Haggen Supermarkets throughout the Puget Sound region.  They are easily sliced, thick or thin, with a sharp knife at home and lend themselves to being gently reheated whole and served as a centerpiece at a brunch or weekend football party (Go Hawks!).  One ham generously serves two people and provides leftovers that can be creatively incorporated into dishes throughout the week.

Chef Michael Johnson of Century Link Suites serves our hams sliced and says, “Bavarian Meats ham is simply a superior product with obvious attention to detail…As a chef I pride myself on the relationship I have with them. Bavarian Meats is not only supplying an outstanding product they are a great local partner.”

The Sweetheart Hams can also be purchased wholesale at our warehouse located on Western Avenue.

Meet the Next Generation at Bavarian Meats – Four Cousins Raised by Old World Standards

4th gen

Here at Bavarian Meats we love our family sausage-making legacy and we are proud to announce that Grandpa Max’s four great granddaughters are getting into the grind at the retail shop at the Pike Place Market.

Aspen Ridgeway, Baillie Stewart, Winter Ridgeway, and Kiley Stewart are stepping into grandpa’s shoes by serving new and loyal customers just like their grandfather did for decades.   Asked about her pride for the family company Winter replied,  “Grandpa Max had the heart of a lion and was so proud of his family and company. We can still feel that here today.  How could I not want to be here? It’s in my blood.  It’s in all of our blood.  Our new logo is a lion and in grandpa’s honor, we nick named him Max.  Each time I see it I feel proud and hope we are living up to his high standards and expectations.  It’s nice having Grandpa Max back, even if it’s just in spirit, that’s all we need.”