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Bavarian Meats Bacon Sticks

Call it whatever you will but here at Bavarian Meats we call our bacon a delicious family legacy.
You see, the bacon we crank out each week here in Belltown on Western is the same bacon that Grandpa Max started making for our shop in 1961.

Bavarian Meats Bacon Sticks

Made from fresh local pork bellies delivered every week, our bacon is hand trimmed, dry rubbed, dry brined under refrigeration for two days, and smoked over alder in our fifty-year old smoker for more than twelve hours. Other bacon makers nationwide often inject their pork with a brine, but we have never done that. And, we never will.

Bavarian Meats Bacon Sticks

And, for those Emerald City bacon lovers with an adventurous palate, we recently introduced a hometown bacon sibling– the Bavarian Meats Whiskey Bacon. Developed by our Production Manager Jamie Simmons and infused with locally crafted Fremont Mischief Distillery whiskey, the results are dynamic, rambunctious and down-right award winning.

A ramped up tweak of Grandpa’s original, it made its boozy debut at last year’s Bourbon & Bacon Fest at the Seattle Design Center and later snagged Champion in Specialty Bacon Cured Meats Category at the Northwest Meat Processors Association Annual Convention in 2017.   This year it will be featured at our booth at both Bourbon & Bacon Fest on March 10 and at Bacon and Beer Classic at Safeco Field  on April 28.

So, whether your choice of the hometown bacon is classic or whiskey, rest assured our family legacy is rooted in Seattle.

Bavarian Meats Bacon Sticks

Both bacons can be purchased in slabs or sliced at our deli in the Pike Place Market and at the Golden Steer in Bellevue.

And, for those who want to try it at one of Seattle’s restaurants, look for it on the menu at the following:

Geraldine’s Counter

Frank’s Oyster House

The Tin Table

Honest Biscuit

Café Campagne


Bis on Main

Tom Douglas Restaurants


            Dahlia Lounge


            Seatown Seabar

            Carlisle Room

            Palace Kitchen

            Tom Douglas Catering