November 2018

Hot Doggin’ It Holiday Edition

November 2018 – Ho Ho Holidays!

The holidays. Let the celebrations begin!

Bavarian Meats - Ho Ho Holidays!

In Germany, Christmas is a nostalgic season filled with history, merriment and tradition and here at Bavarian Meats we have a long legacy of celebrating and bringing this season of joy to our customers. Whether we are cranking up the smoker for our flagship bone in hams or rearranging the deli to make way for a parade of imported treats, we cherish this time of year and look forward to sharing it with you!

Our wonderful German born store manager, Gabi, starts planning for the season back in May when she carefully makes her list, checks it twice, and orders endless specialties from purveyors in Germany. As the seasonal magic unfolds, marzipan, pfefferkuchen, stollen, and lebkuchen arrive at the shop and it all begins.

Gabbing with Gabi and a Taste of Germany

Bavarian Meats - Ho Ho Holidays!

Gabi is gearing up quickly and tastes of Germany are arriving daily! The stollen (fruit bread) and lebkuchen (gingerbread) are already flying out the door. The selection of specialties, such as the colorful foil-wrapped chocolate Santas, ornaments and Saint Nick’s, offers a delicious taste of the homeland for under $10.

Bavarian Meats - Ho Ho Holidays!

(That’s certainly more affordable and convenient than a flight to Germany, eh?)

Ornate musical cookie tins filled with lebkuchen delight both young and old.  And the rosy marzipan pigs, which sell quickly and are sprinkled throughout the deli, are a German New Year tradition as they bring good luck and fortune for the year ahead.

NEW: Our Holiday Salami Sampler

Bavarian Meats - Seattle's Best Sausage

For 2018, we have created a special Holiday Salami Sampler, which will be sold at the deli and will feature 4 five-ounce salamis: our classic Cervelat, flagship German Salami, Sherry Fennel and Truffle.  It makes a great addition to a gift box or convenient hostess gift.


The Holiday Table with a Classic Update!

In Germany, ingredients such as apples, nuts and almonds, play a traditional and symbolic role in the holiday dinner table but Gabi reminds us that one item, the main course meat, can vary from home to home and run the gamut from goose to beef to ham, pork, schnitzel or kassler ripchen.

Bavarian Meats - Kassler Ripchen

Here at Bavarian, the tradition of our bone in holiday hams runs deep in many Seattle households, but with the next generation taking the helm at the stove, we say why not reach for our kassler ripchen?  These robust fully cooked and smoked bone in pork loins are full of smoky salty flavor and only require a simple gentle reheat in the oven, which clearly lightens the load for the season’s harried cooks.  Easily sliced by even a novice, kassler ripchen readily stands in for Mom’s more elaborate roasts and can be served with those classic sides. And, perhaps best of all, it requires no preparation and minimal cleanup. We’ll drink to that!  Kassler ripchen is available at the deli and can be ordered in advance.

Holiday Orders

To save time during this busy season, call ahead for any special orders or for gift baskets. Order holiday hams early, they will sell out.

From all of us here at Bavarian Meats, we send our best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season!


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