Sprint 2019

Hot Doggin’ It Spring 2019 Edition

We’ve been grindin’, stuffin’ and smokin’ since 1961 and we are especially stoked for our latest newsletter. Thankfully, snowpocalypse is a distant memory and the local tulips are appearing at the market every day! The Market Front is taking on a new air now that the Viaduct is gone, and fresh sea breezes and cheerful red tables make it a great place to enjoy a picnic lunch. So, with that in mind, here’s the latest from the crew at Bavarian…

The Adventurous Pike Street Popper

Spring is here and Pike will soon be bustling with visitors…that’s why our flagship brat, the Pike Street Popper comes to mind! We created this a few years ago as a fundraiser for the Market Front Campaign and we ran a competition seeking ideas for what to name it. A visitor came up with The Pike Street Popper and it stuck with us like, well, gum to the Gum Wall.

That said, it’s an adventurous creation. It encompasses everything you put ON a hot dog, but we decided to put those extras IN the dog. The snappy casing envelopes cream cheese, our flagship bacon, onion, jalapenos and a hot heap of kraut. It’s on the menu at the deli. Served with chips, it will set you back $11.99.

The poppers are also available in five- and six-piece packages at the deli and at The Cheesemonger’s Shop in Leavenworth as well as at Haggen and other markets in the region. Ask for it if you can’t find it.


Convenient Meat: The Packable and Portable

With brighter days ahead discover our packable and portable convenient meats! Landjaeger.  Salamis. Custom cut cold cuts. The Germans were ahead of their time when they mastered these foods generations ago because they offer ease, simplicity and convenience.For today’s busy lifestyles, these traditional foods are perfect. Our hand crafted Landjaeger tucks right into a fanny pack or backpack for a bike ride.

Our cold cuts, sliced to order at the deli, craft the core of a custom sub. Our salamis,  Cervelat, truffle, fennel and others,  build the bones of an easy impressive picnic.  Stop by the deli or look for many of these items at grocers throughout the PNW.

Gabbing with Gabi at the Deli

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and this is NOT the day to drop the ball! Gabi has a special breakfast planned for that weekend. In addition to the usual menu, we will be offering Eggs Benedict and a glass of champagne as a special.

Also, it will be the 11th Annual Flower Festival at the Market so let’s hope for some sunny weather and a little TLC for the special ladies in your life!


Meaty Media

Read All About It! We have received lots of media this year.  In February, Seattle Magazine listed our BLT as one of the “100 Best Things to Eat” in Seattle and Seattle Met gave our bacon a shout out in their article, 16 Breakfast Sandwiches to Start  Your Day off Right. Leslie Kelly featured us in her article, Secret Food Finds at Seattle’s Pike Place Market in Forbes.com

And on March 3rd Kiro’s Seattle Kitchen with Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau hosted a bacon tasting featuring our flagship bacon.  We are also in the current edition of Alaska Beyond Magazine. And, the Summer Edition of Visit Seattle will feature our products in a picnic lineup!

Next edition of Hot Doggin’ It? Summer 2019. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter…or Hot Dog It to the deli and grab some convenient meat!

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