Fall 2019

Hot Doggin’ It – Fall 2019


We’ve been grindin’, stuffin’ and smokin’ since 1961 and we are especially stoked for the season ahead. Crisp fall days are here and our favorite festivities are just around the corner. With that in mind, here’s the latest from the crew…

Oktoberfest at the Deli

Tune your yodel. Shine your lederhosen. Let’s have some Gaudi at our deli in Pike Place Market.

Bavarian Meats - Oktoberfest at the Deli

It’s Oktoberfest and Gabi’s got this covered! On October 5 from 12pm to 3 pm, the deli will be celebrating this favorite German holiday and a special traditional German menu will be served that day.  Schweine Haxen, a robust piece of roasted pork with crunchy skin and tender meat, served with lots of mustard, knodel and kraut, it will be a German food lover’s highlight.

Bavarian Meats - Oktoberfest at the DeliAlso, on deck will be Schlachtplatte, which serves two and features our savory bratwurst, weisswurt, kassler and Bavarian loaf. A seasonal specialty, Schweinbraten, a thick slice of pork served with knodel, red cabbage, and sauce will have you yodeling for sure.

Traditional music will ring through halls and Gabi will be raffling fun foodie items from the pantry or deli case every fifteen minutes. So, come down and join us! Guten Appetit!

The Jager Dog: Seattle’s Best Bargain

Bavarian Meats - The Jager Dog

Best culinary bargain in Seattle right now? Without a doubt, our Jager Dog, available for two bucks a pop at the deli. A riff on our flagship landjaeger, the dogs are served hot and in a bun with self-serve condiments. They make a great snack and super affordable light lunch. We also sell them 15 for $10 at the deli, so they can be enjoyed at home. Incredibly versatile, they can be eaten cold as is or cut up and added to soups or salad, added to breakfast tacos or served with cheeses.

With Halloween on the horizon, consider serving these to a gaggle of kids before trick or treating. Simply reheat at home, add a bun, condiments, and your ghosts will be gobbling!

Gabbing with Gabi

Bavarian Meats - Seattle's Best Sausage

Summer is over and it’s time to think about some warm cozy foods like kassler with red cabbage, pasta and sauce. Gabi says, “Let’s do some cooking! The Bavarian Meats pantry is full, the pasta is in from Germany, as are the krauts, mustards, and potato pancake packets.”

Bavarian Meats - Seattle's Best Sausage

So, what does THAT mean? It means it’s time to put away the grill, get in the kitchen and make some real German food!

Celebrate National Sausage Month

October is National Sausage Month and, well, we’ve got THAT covered for the next 31 days! Add this to the fact that it’s the fall sports season and we’ve got a winning combo. Excuse us if we are biased, but we ARE and we think one of the best and easiest ways to have fun with our friends during a game is to serve our fully cooked sausages. Because the hard work of smoking and fully cooking is done at our warehouse, we know that it’s super convenient to just reheat and serve our smoked brats, knackwurst, wieners, cheese sausages to a crowd. Gather some toppings and rolls and half-time chow is ready!  Score!

Christmas Peak:

Bavarian Meats - Seattle's Best Sausage

Christmas is coming faster than you think. Yes, we know you aren’t ready to think about THAT yet, but Gabi was well ahead of the game and ordered hundreds of items back in June and July!The first deliveries will arrive in early November. We will have lebkuchen, specialty chocolates and marzipan, but we will also have a wide range of unique items.  Gabi has ordered some wonderful ornate tins, musical tins and specialty items like a Santa Claus in lederhosen!



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