Christmas at Bavarian Meats

Dear Friends,

Wow! Where did the year go?

Here we are in the holiday hubbub at the deli and at the warehouse. Our Christmas deliveries are arriving from Germany each week and the wholesale orders are doubling up.

For Lynn and me, this is always a sentimental time. We’ve been at this sausage gig since we were little and at this time of year the family memories dance in our heads.

When we were young, our Dad, Jerry, and Uncle Bob were at the helm of this business started by Grandpa Max, and Lynn and I loved being here when Grandma Ida and our Mom brought the traditional German Christmas to life.

Shelves and baskets were stuffed to the brim with stollen, spicy cookies, beautifully wrapped chocolates, and musical ornate tins.  The smoky savory scent of the season from our holiday hams wafted throughout the deli and customers lined up patiently waiting for their orders.

Those hams were the seasonal highlight back then and families rushed to order them early every year. We still make them every season and of course the orders still come in early. And, at the deli our wonderful Gabi still stocks the shelves with coveted German specialties.

Over the years, things have changed in the PNW and many families have shifted celebrations away from the big elaborate holiday meal to casual gatherings. We, too, have created our own traditions with our children. While sticking to our roots and savoring the precious time with loved ones we rely on many of the packaged goods at the deli and the classic German flavors found in our fully cooked sausages, kassler ripchen and even our Landjaeger to make meals simple yet Hofstatter family approved.

See recipe below…

So, whether you choose to take the traditional route or carve new ones, be flexible. Breathe. Share the joy. Treasure the time with friends, families and neighbors around you. Celebrate the season and have a Merry Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten Und Ein Gutes Neues Jahr!

Lynn and Lyla


Hofstatter Landjaeger Party Mix

Here’s OUR next generation holiday treat…a shareable, flexible, portable and munchable party mix that uses chunky bits of our landjaeger, original or hot and spicy.  It’s a deliciously sweet and salty mix that people crave each year. Use our recipe as a loose guide or mix and match to create your own taste memories with the people you love! Serve it at home, give it as a gift, or cart it to a party. It’s just so easy!

Christmas at Bavarian Meats

10  sticks Landjaeger (original, spicy or mix em’), cut into one-inch chunks

1  bag Bugles

1  bag mini pretzels or pretzel sticks

3  cups popcorn, freshly popped, or Cracker Jack

1  cup red and green M&Ms

1  cup holiday wrapped Hershey’s kisses

1  cup Haribo Gummy Bears

Grab a large bowl, combine ingredients, and serve. Have backup ready. This goes quickly!


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