Meet the Next Generation at Bavarian Meats – Four Cousins Raised by Old World Standards

4th gen

Here at Bavarian Meats we love our family sausage-making legacy and we are proud to announce that Grandpa Max’s four great granddaughters are getting into the grind at the retail shop at the Pike Place Market.

Aspen Ridgeway, Baillie Stewart, Winter Ridgeway, and Kiley Stewart are stepping into grandpa’s shoes by serving new and loyal customers just like their grandfather did for decades.   Asked about her pride for the family company Winter replied,  “Grandpa Max had the heart of a lion and was so proud of his family and company. We can still feel that here today.  How could I not want to be here? It’s in my blood.  It’s in all of our blood.  Our new logo is a lion and in grandpa’s honor, we nick named him Max.  Each time I see it I feel proud and hope we are living up to his high standards and expectations.  It’s nice having Grandpa Max back, even if it’s just in spirit, that’s all we need.”

Bavarian Meats Holiday Ham: Hand Crafted and Smoked in Small Batches for Big Flavor


Gearing up for the holiday dinner table and pining for a show stopper? Well, look no further than the special order holiday hams from Bavarian Meats.  Our award-winning 18-20 pound baking hams, which are hand crafted and smoked in small batches, bring big flavor to the season’s smorgasbord of meals!

We’ve been making these cured smoked legs of pork ever since Grandpa Max was stoking the smokers in the 1970s. Some Seattleites say it’s one of our city’s best kept holiday secrets! Using hogs from the renowned family-owned and operated Carlton Farms in Oregon, our Production Manager, Jamie Simmons, carefully brines the bone-in hams and then smokes them slowly and directly over alder in our custom smoker for 24 hours.  This slow direct smoking method results in a richly flavored artisan ham that is fully cooked and can be gently heated at home, permeating the house with a sublime and welcoming aroma.

Our hams take time and because of that we only crank out a limited number during the holiday season. For that reason, we must take orders in advance. So, if you are looking for a show stopper that brings big flavor with a minimum of effort, get in the know and order a Bavarian Meats ham today. Deadline for orders is December 5.


The hams generally weigh between 18-20 pounds and sell for $3.99 a pound. They can be picked up at Bavarian Meats Delicatessen in the Pike Place Market during regular hours between December 18-24th. (The store will close early on December 24th so plan ahead.)

To order call the store at (206) 441-0942 or email or

Wieners: A Snappy Solution for the Holidays

Bavarian Meats Wieners

Snap to it! The holidays are nearly here. Are you ready? We are!

Here at Bavarian Meats we are geared up with our flagship product, the wiener, which American’s have affectionately dubbed the hot dog.

This is the wiener that our German-born grandfather,  Max Hofstatter, first started making in 1961 and it’s the one we continue to make daily at our small family-owned and operated processing facility located on Western Avenue in the heart of Seattle.

Containing finely ground pork and beef with no added fillers, MSG or gluten, our wieners are hand crafted and boast that delicious toothsome snap when bitten into.  Every year for the last fifty years, the demand for our Bavarian hot dogs soars during November and December. And, with good reason. Lightly smoked, fully cooked and delicately seasoned, our wieners are a welcome addition to the table during the hectic days at hand.

For best results and to accentuate that snappy bite, the simplest way to cook these dogs is to warm them in water at a gentle rolling boil until they are heated through to your liking. To serve, they can, of course, be tucked into a bun or enhanced with traditional mustards, smoked Tillamook cheddar or even just sauerkraut and apples.  They also make super cocktail fare when heated and sliced into bite-size tidbits.

Regardless of how they are served, rest assured they are a welcome solution for those nights when a crowd converges on your kitchen and you are charged, yet again, with rustling up some chow.

They can be purchased at our traditional German delicatessen, Bavarian Meats, located in the Pike Place Market. They can also be found at Metropolitan Markets, QFCs, Leavenworth, military commissaries, Hess Bakery & Deli in Lakewood, Liebchen Delicatessen in Bellevue, Fischer Meats in Issaquah, and many more mom-and-pop delis in the Puget Sound area.

Rejoice! Oktoberfest has arrived!

Munich Oktoberfest Festival


Fall is, for many of us, not the happiest time of year. Shorts and tank tops depart, leaving us with gray clouds, sweaters, and mugs of hot tea. But thankfully, some very smart people back in the 1800s thought of a genius plan to keep seasonal affective disorder at bay: Oktoberfest. What better way to keep your spirits up than by throwing an epic party? Continue reading “Rejoice! Oktoberfest has arrived!”

Gabriele Kessler: The Accidental Butcher

Bavarian Meats Store Manager Gabrielle aka Gabby

Gabriele “Gabby” Kessler, a longtime fixture behind the counter at Bavarian Meats, never set out to be a butcher. A bit ironic, given that she recently stepped up to replace Anna, the store’s previous manager, who moved back to Austria. “It was an accident,” she proclaims. But judging from the pleasant banter she trades with her staff and the upbeat attitude permeating the store, it was a happy one. So how did this accident occur? Continue reading “Gabriele Kessler: The Accidental Butcher”