Christmas at Bavarian Meats

Dear Friends,

Wow! Where did the year go?

Here we are in the holiday hubbub at the deli and at the warehouse. Our Christmas deliveries are arriving from Germany each week and the wholesale orders are doubling up.

For Lynn and me, this is always a sentimental time. We’ve been at this sausage gig since we were little and at this time of year the family memories dance in our heads.

When we were young, our Dad, Jerry, and Uncle Bob were at the helm of this business started by Grandpa Max, and Lynn and I loved being here when Grandma Ida and our Mom brought the traditional German Christmas to life.

Shelves and baskets were stuffed to the brim with stollen, spicy cookies, beautifully wrapped chocolates, and musical ornate tins.  The smoky savory scent of the season from our holiday hams wafted throughout the deli and customers lined up patiently waiting for their orders.

Those hams were the seasonal highlight back then and families rushed to order them early every year. We still make them every season and of course the orders still come in early. And, at the deli our wonderful Gabi still stocks the shelves with coveted German specialties.

Over the years, things have changed in the PNW and many families have shifted celebrations away from the big elaborate holiday meal to casual gatherings. We, too, have created our own traditions with our children. While sticking to our roots and savoring the precious time with loved ones we rely on many of the packaged goods at the deli and the classic German flavors found in our fully cooked sausages, kassler ripchen and even our Landjaeger to make meals simple yet Hofstatter family approved.

See recipe below…

So, whether you choose to take the traditional route or carve new ones, be flexible. Breathe. Share the joy. Treasure the time with friends, families and neighbors around you. Celebrate the season and have a Merry Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten Und Ein Gutes Neues Jahr!

Lynn and Lyla


Hofstatter Landjaeger Party Mix

Here’s OUR next generation holiday treat…a shareable, flexible, portable and munchable party mix that uses chunky bits of our landjaeger, original or hot and spicy.  It’s a deliciously sweet and salty mix that people crave each year. Use our recipe as a loose guide or mix and match to create your own taste memories with the people you love! Serve it at home, give it as a gift, or cart it to a party. It’s just so easy!

Christmas at Bavarian Meats

10  sticks Landjaeger (original, spicy or mix em’), cut into one-inch chunks

1  bag Bugles

1  bag mini pretzels or pretzel sticks

3  cups popcorn, freshly popped, or Cracker Jack

1  cup red and green M&Ms

1  cup holiday wrapped Hershey’s kisses

1  cup Haribo Gummy Bears

Grab a large bowl, combine ingredients, and serve. Have backup ready. This goes quickly!


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Fall 2019

Hot Doggin’ It – Fall 2019


We’ve been grindin’, stuffin’ and smokin’ since 1961 and we are especially stoked for the season ahead. Crisp fall days are here and our favorite festivities are just around the corner. With that in mind, here’s the latest from the crew…

Oktoberfest at the Deli

Tune your yodel. Shine your lederhosen. Let’s have some Gaudi at our deli in Pike Place Market.

Bavarian Meats - Oktoberfest at the Deli

It’s Oktoberfest and Gabi’s got this covered! On October 5 from 12pm to 3 pm, the deli will be celebrating this favorite German holiday and a special traditional German menu will be served that day.  Schweine Haxen, a robust piece of roasted pork with crunchy skin and tender meat, served with lots of mustard, knodel and kraut, it will be a German food lover’s highlight.

Bavarian Meats - Oktoberfest at the DeliAlso, on deck will be Schlachtplatte, which serves two and features our savory bratwurst, weisswurt, kassler and Bavarian loaf. A seasonal specialty, Schweinbraten, a thick slice of pork served with knodel, red cabbage, and sauce will have you yodeling for sure.

Traditional music will ring through halls and Gabi will be raffling fun foodie items from the pantry or deli case every fifteen minutes. So, come down and join us! Guten Appetit!

The Jager Dog: Seattle’s Best Bargain

Bavarian Meats - The Jager Dog

Best culinary bargain in Seattle right now? Without a doubt, our Jager Dog, available for two bucks a pop at the deli. A riff on our flagship landjaeger, the dogs are served hot and in a bun with self-serve condiments. They make a great snack and super affordable light lunch. We also sell them 15 for $10 at the deli, so they can be enjoyed at home. Incredibly versatile, they can be eaten cold as is or cut up and added to soups or salad, added to breakfast tacos or served with cheeses.

With Halloween on the horizon, consider serving these to a gaggle of kids before trick or treating. Simply reheat at home, add a bun, condiments, and your ghosts will be gobbling!

Gabbing with Gabi

Bavarian Meats - Seattle's Best Sausage

Summer is over and it’s time to think about some warm cozy foods like kassler with red cabbage, pasta and sauce. Gabi says, “Let’s do some cooking! The Bavarian Meats pantry is full, the pasta is in from Germany, as are the krauts, mustards, and potato pancake packets.”

Bavarian Meats - Seattle's Best Sausage

So, what does THAT mean? It means it’s time to put away the grill, get in the kitchen and make some real German food!

Celebrate National Sausage Month

October is National Sausage Month and, well, we’ve got THAT covered for the next 31 days! Add this to the fact that it’s the fall sports season and we’ve got a winning combo. Excuse us if we are biased, but we ARE and we think one of the best and easiest ways to have fun with our friends during a game is to serve our fully cooked sausages. Because the hard work of smoking and fully cooking is done at our warehouse, we know that it’s super convenient to just reheat and serve our smoked brats, knackwurst, wieners, cheese sausages to a crowd. Gather some toppings and rolls and half-time chow is ready!  Score!

Christmas Peak:

Bavarian Meats - Seattle's Best Sausage

Christmas is coming faster than you think. Yes, we know you aren’t ready to think about THAT yet, but Gabi was well ahead of the game and ordered hundreds of items back in June and July!The first deliveries will arrive in early November. We will have lebkuchen, specialty chocolates and marzipan, but we will also have a wide range of unique items.  Gabi has ordered some wonderful ornate tins, musical tins and specialty items like a Santa Claus in lederhosen!



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Bavarian Meats Nominated

Bavarian Meats Nominated for Two Categories in Seattle Magazine’s Best Restaurants Poll!


We are pleased to announce that our Bavarian Meats Deli located in the iconic Pike Place Market has been nominated for two categories in the Seattle Magazine Best Restaurants Poll. The two categories are:

“Best Lunch Around $10” (Group 5) and “Best Sandwich.” (Group 19)

As many of you know, our fourth-generation family business was started by our Grandpa Max in 1961 when he decided to sell his hand-crafted snappy wieners at the Seattle World’s Fair.

When Lynn Hofstatter and Lyla Ridgeway, twin sisters and the granddaughters of Max, took over the family business in 1998 they added the restaurant to the deli and it has been a delicious addition, focusing on traditional German fare with updated and contemporary twists to meet the tastes of today’s savvy food lovers.

Lyla Ridgeway says, “We really love that our hot handcrafted lunches are in the running for this category. Our lunches and sandwiches are made to order by our store manager Gabi or one of her team members, and over the years we have worked to keep the price point accessible and the flavor superior and authentic.

Our handcrafted artisan meats, sausages, cold cuts and bacon are, of course, the key components of each and every lunch and sandwich at Bavarian. Please join the poll and vote for Bavarian Meats!”

Lunch menu and sandwich options around $10 include: Bratwurst Plate ($9.99), Brat on a Bun ($7.99), Max’s Pastrami Sandwich ($11.99), Cold Cut Combo ($9.99) and the acclaimed Bavarian BLT ($10.99) as well as others.

For the poll, the editorial team at Seattle Magazine takes great pride in offering balanced representation on a wide array of options around town and there is a total of 56 categories in the poll. Voting takes place online between now and May 24 and results will be in the September 2019 issue.
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Sprint 2019

Hot Doggin’ It Spring 2019 Edition

We’ve been grindin’, stuffin’ and smokin’ since 1961 and we are especially stoked for our latest newsletter. Thankfully, snowpocalypse is a distant memory and the local tulips are appearing at the market every day! The Market Front is taking on a new air now that the Viaduct is gone, and fresh sea breezes and cheerful red tables make it a great place to enjoy a picnic lunch. So, with that in mind, here’s the latest from the crew at Bavarian…

The Adventurous Pike Street Popper

Spring is here and Pike will soon be bustling with visitors…that’s why our flagship brat, the Pike Street Popper comes to mind! We created this a few years ago as a fundraiser for the Market Front Campaign and we ran a competition seeking ideas for what to name it. A visitor came up with The Pike Street Popper and it stuck with us like, well, gum to the Gum Wall.

That said, it’s an adventurous creation. It encompasses everything you put ON a hot dog, but we decided to put those extras IN the dog. The snappy casing envelopes cream cheese, our flagship bacon, onion, jalapenos and a hot heap of kraut. It’s on the menu at the deli. Served with chips, it will set you back $11.99.

The poppers are also available in five- and six-piece packages at the deli and at The Cheesemonger’s Shop in Leavenworth as well as at Haggen and other markets in the region. Ask for it if you can’t find it.


Convenient Meat: The Packable and Portable

With brighter days ahead discover our packable and portable convenient meats! Landjaeger.  Salamis. Custom cut cold cuts. The Germans were ahead of their time when they mastered these foods generations ago because they offer ease, simplicity and convenience.For today’s busy lifestyles, these traditional foods are perfect. Our hand crafted Landjaeger tucks right into a fanny pack or backpack for a bike ride.

Our cold cuts, sliced to order at the deli, craft the core of a custom sub. Our salamis,  Cervelat, truffle, fennel and others,  build the bones of an easy impressive picnic.  Stop by the deli or look for many of these items at grocers throughout the PNW.

Gabbing with Gabi at the Deli

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and this is NOT the day to drop the ball! Gabi has a special breakfast planned for that weekend. In addition to the usual menu, we will be offering Eggs Benedict and a glass of champagne as a special.

Also, it will be the 11th Annual Flower Festival at the Market so let’s hope for some sunny weather and a little TLC for the special ladies in your life!


Meaty Media

Read All About It! We have received lots of media this year.  In February, Seattle Magazine listed our BLT as one of the “100 Best Things to Eat” in Seattle and Seattle Met gave our bacon a shout out in their article, 16 Breakfast Sandwiches to Start  Your Day off Right. Leslie Kelly featured us in her article, Secret Food Finds at Seattle’s Pike Place Market in

And on March 3rd Kiro’s Seattle Kitchen with Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau hosted a bacon tasting featuring our flagship bacon.  We are also in the current edition of Alaska Beyond Magazine. And, the Summer Edition of Visit Seattle will feature our products in a picnic lineup!

Next edition of Hot Doggin’ It? Summer 2019. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter…or Hot Dog It to the deli and grab some convenient meat!

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November 2018

Hot Doggin’ It Holiday Edition

November 2018 – Ho Ho Holidays!

The holidays. Let the celebrations begin!

Bavarian Meats - Ho Ho Holidays!

In Germany, Christmas is a nostalgic season filled with history, merriment and tradition and here at Bavarian Meats we have a long legacy of celebrating and bringing this season of joy to our customers. Whether we are cranking up the smoker for our flagship bone in hams or rearranging the deli to make way for a parade of imported treats, we cherish this time of year and look forward to sharing it with you!

Our wonderful German born store manager, Gabi, starts planning for the season back in May when she carefully makes her list, checks it twice, and orders endless specialties from purveyors in Germany. As the seasonal magic unfolds, marzipan, pfefferkuchen, stollen, and lebkuchen arrive at the shop and it all begins.

Gabbing with Gabi and a Taste of Germany

Bavarian Meats - Ho Ho Holidays!

Gabi is gearing up quickly and tastes of Germany are arriving daily! The stollen (fruit bread) and lebkuchen (gingerbread) are already flying out the door. The selection of specialties, such as the colorful foil-wrapped chocolate Santas, ornaments and Saint Nick’s, offers a delicious taste of the homeland for under $10.

Bavarian Meats - Ho Ho Holidays!

(That’s certainly more affordable and convenient than a flight to Germany, eh?)

Ornate musical cookie tins filled with lebkuchen delight both young and old.  And the rosy marzipan pigs, which sell quickly and are sprinkled throughout the deli, are a German New Year tradition as they bring good luck and fortune for the year ahead.

NEW: Our Holiday Salami Sampler

Bavarian Meats - Seattle's Best Sausage

For 2018, we have created a special Holiday Salami Sampler, which will be sold at the deli and will feature 4 five-ounce salamis: our classic Cervelat, flagship German Salami, Sherry Fennel and Truffle.  It makes a great addition to a gift box or convenient hostess gift.


The Holiday Table with a Classic Update!

In Germany, ingredients such as apples, nuts and almonds, play a traditional and symbolic role in the holiday dinner table but Gabi reminds us that one item, the main course meat, can vary from home to home and run the gamut from goose to beef to ham, pork, schnitzel or kassler ripchen.

Bavarian Meats - Kassler Ripchen

Here at Bavarian, the tradition of our bone in holiday hams runs deep in many Seattle households, but with the next generation taking the helm at the stove, we say why not reach for our kassler ripchen?  These robust fully cooked and smoked bone in pork loins are full of smoky salty flavor and only require a simple gentle reheat in the oven, which clearly lightens the load for the season’s harried cooks.  Easily sliced by even a novice, kassler ripchen readily stands in for Mom’s more elaborate roasts and can be served with those classic sides. And, perhaps best of all, it requires no preparation and minimal cleanup. We’ll drink to that!  Kassler ripchen is available at the deli and can be ordered in advance.

Holiday Orders

To save time during this busy season, call ahead for any special orders or for gift baskets. Order holiday hams early, they will sell out.

From all of us here at Bavarian Meats, we send our best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season!


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